Here I am, hello everyone!

Yes I know it's not my best picture ...

Nobody wanted me to upload this photo. But to me ...

Where to start?

I don't even know where to begin this "biography" if we can call it that.

The only sure thing I can tell you is that this is my first time!

And, as everyone knows, a little difficult.

My goal for this page? let me know, let you know who I am, my experiences and skills; what I have done so far and some ideas for the future. With a little patience I will


Support me, why not?

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What am I doing right now?

I went back to studying, what? CyberSecurity!

I think it's the future, I think we all need to feel protected.

Such as? I started the process of getting certified as a PenTest, some more details here.

And while I study, I practice every day at and Hack the Box

Do you want to help me? offer me a coffee or share some suggestions with me.

Thank you !

& Thanks to my supporters!!

Last news...

My latest certificate:


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